The ultimate resource for deep, lifelong learning is reflection. However, we must establish a solid collection of materials upon which students can reflect. We can follow the vigotskian paradigm of Zone of Proximal Development: at first, we must provide some aid to our pupils. Stating clear intstructions is crucial. Then, little by little, they start directing their own methods and techniques.

Asking them to collect evidence of what they do helps them plan more effectively, and in the end they can retrieve materials to improve their development through the activity.


Here, I share with you two photoalbums created by students. They were given instructions on how to do this. They uploaded their pictures. Finally they had little interviews in which they were asked:

  • what they were doing in each photo
  • how it was done
  • what was the purpose of such task
  • what went well and what might be improved

I selected Facebook as platform because of students’ familiarity with it.

Hope you like it!